Strength Beyond Battle – The Nick Lavery Interview

On today’s episode, we explore strength beyond battle with Nick Lavery, a special forces hero who exemplifies resilience and inspiration, both in combat and as a family man. This episode is a profound journey into how true strength is manifested not just on the battlefield, but in the challenges and joys of being a father and husband.

Who Is Nick Lavery:

Nick, born and raised in Massachusetts, is an active-duty Green Beret within The United States Army Special Forces.

The Green Berets perform critical missions including direct action, counterinsurgency, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, and unconventional warfare. Nick is currently serving as a Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer. He is widely recognized as an experienced subject matter expert in special operations, intelligence fusion, mission planning, and complex problem solving across all operational continuums.

He is also the first amputee in military history to complete the Special Forces Warrant Officer Technical and Tactical Certification course, the Special Operations Combatives Program Instructor course, and the Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification course.

Injury and Recovery:

In 2013, while deployed to Afghanistan, he and his Detachment fell victim to an insider attack ultimately resulting in the amputation of his leg. Following a year of surgeries and initial recovery including the use of a prosthetic at Walter Reed National Medical Military Center. He then returned to his unit, refusing a military medical retirement, Nick set his sights on returning to operational status.

In 2015, at the conclusion of a challenging, comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate Nick’s abilities to operate. He returned to his Detachment and was subsequently deployed once again to Afghanistan conducting full spectrum combat operations. Nick is considered the first Special Forces operator to return to combat as an above-the-knee amputee.

Personal Life:

Nick is the founder and CEO of Precision Components LLC where he and Team MACHINE train, advise, enable, and inspire organizations and individuals to unlock capacity and increase capability.

He is also the best-selling author of Objective Secure—the battle-tested guide to goal achievement. Nick is a warrior, leader, teammate, and most importantly a proud husband and father of two young boys.

Nick enjoys reading, writing, lifting weights, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and shooting. Most significantly however, he enjoys building forts, legos, getting dirty, drawing, and reading with his sons and traveling, eating dinner, and watching movies with his wife.

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