The Edge of Greatness targets the pursuit of greatness through learning and teaching the 7 Pillars that support becoming the best version of our self. Through personal stories, life lessons, events, and conversations with experts and high achievers, we peel back the layers and create a better understanding of what it takes to be truly great. Each episodes explores one of the 7 Pillars of Greatness: Mindset, Purpose, Commitment, Discipline, Resilience, Courage, and People. We’re all capable of being great, it’s up to us to choose it.

About Host:

Charles has always been enthusiastic about the pursuit of excellence, both personally and coaching others. This pursuit started early in life as an athlete. Charles had a constant drive to improve that led to him having a high level of success in baseball. Inspired by his high school coach he learned the value of committing himself to a goal and improving slowly over time. The power of trusting the process led Charles to become a Division 1 baseball player at Youngstown State University where he was a 1st Team Freshman All-American, as well as a member of the first team to reach the NCAA tournament in school history. Charles still sits in the top ten of several offensive categories in school history.

Since completing his playing career he has continued to work with athletes, coaches, and leaders through training and coaching. Since 2007 Charles has trained and coached hundreds of athletes, helping many to achieve their dream of playing in college. It’s through training and coaching that Charles has discovered his true passion which is to teach and help others discover the greatness within themselves. Charles hopes to continue to develop as a leader and inspire men of all ages to strive to discover their purpose and pursue greatness in every aspect of their lives.

Charles started The Edge of Greatness Project in 2020 and launched his podcast November  of that year. Charles is an avid writer and published two books—Be Great: Lessons Learned From a Life in the Dirt and Master of The Sea: A Little Story About Possibilities. Since then Charles has become a highly sought after podcast guest, speaker, and consultant. 

Charles lives with his wife and three kids in Wooster, OH.