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Your Host – Lt. Col RaShaun Warren

An impressive collegiate D1 basketball player, an incredible active-duty military leader protecting the US, and truly a phenomenal leader—Lieutenant Colonel RaShaun Warren’s distinguished career in the United States Army is marked by dedicated service and academic achievements. Born on November 15, 1977, in Tyler, Texas, LTC Warren embarked on his military journey after completing his undergraduate studies at Kent State University, Ohio.

Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant on May 25, 2006, LTC Warren’s educational pursuits didn’t stop there; he further honed his leadership skills with a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University in 2015. His operational experience is both diverse and extensive, reflecting his commitment to national defense and leadership.

Currently serving as the Deputy Commander of the 38th Air and Missile Defense Brigade in Japan, LTC Warren’s role is a testament to his strategic acumen and operational expertise. His journey through various commanding and educational roles, from being the Professor of Military Science at the University of North Alabama to his time as the Chief of Tactical Operations at the US Army’s III Corps in Fort Hood, TX, highlights his versatility and dedication to the Army. His time at Fort Hood, TX, including roles as a Battalion Executive Officer and Operations Officer, as well as his tenure as an Army Air & Missile Defense Captains Career Course Instructor/Writer at Fort Sill, OK, further underscores his wide-ranging military experience.

Behind every successful individual is a strong support system, and for LTC Warren, this is epitomized by his wife, Jen. Their twelve-year marriage has been a partnership of personal and professional growth. Jen Warren, an accomplished academic herself, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Texas Woman’s University, a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Tarleton Central Texas, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies from Tarleton State University. Her impressive 22-year career in education, currently serving as a middle school principal in the Killeen, TX Independent School District, mirrors the dedication and commitment to service that defines the Warren family.

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