PICK UP THE SIX – ENOUGH: 8 Veterans ruck across South Carolina in support for their brothers and sisters (Mini-Documentary)

On September 11, 2001, our world changed forever and a generation of warriors step to the line to take the fight to the enemy. 22-years later, and after a 20-year war, those warriors now face a new enemy, mental health and suicide.

To raise awareness, a team of elite operators traversed nearly 200-miles across South Carolina ending in Augusta, Georgia on Veterans Day 2023. The team has raised nearly $25,000 to support Veteran Service Organizations.

This video documents their 5-day journey, culminating in a special Veterans Day ceremony in Aiken, SC. Every aspect of this video was produced and created by Brian Jodice, owner of PICK UP THE SIX Productions.

Help the cause here: gofund.me/6d1d8401

The ENOUGH Operators are battled tested, having represented the United States when life and liberty were on the line. Our team is Army Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marines, and a pair of Generals, all united on a journey to help save their battle buddies’ lives.

The time is now.

ENOUGH Veterans suffering.

ENOUGH waiting.

ENOUGH broken promises to our warriors.


Green Beret Lowell Koppert, who organized and sponsored the ENOUGH event, and Lt. General Ralph Jodice (US Air Force, Ret.) join the show to talk about the experience.

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