About the Show...

Because I Promised is a show where we talk ALL things Marriage and Family from a Christian perspective. We feel that traditional marriage in our society today has been dealt a black eye and is no longer Sexy Concept! We want to do EVERYTHING we can to help Heal, Enhance and Restore as many Marriages and Families as possible… LETS GET IT!!

Curtis & Dinah Wilson

Hey everyone, we’re Curtis and Dinah Wilson, and we’ve been married for almost 30 years. We
have five daughters and five grandchildren, three boys and two girls. We genuinely believe that in our country today, traditional marriage (between a man and a woman) has been dealt a black eye and is no longer a sexy concept. We are committed to doing all we can to help enhance, heal, and restore as many marriages and families as possible THROUGH THE WORD AND POWER OF GOD!

Our story began in 1990 in Los Angeles, CA. A mutual friend introduced us. We dated off and
on for four years, more on than off, and living in disobedience to our Lord. In our last off-season, we were both in situations with other people. Both were moving further from Our Lord. One of our best friends to this day pulled our coattails and brought to our attention that we were missing bible study and church and weren’t honoring The Lord in these actions. Individually we were convicted, repented, and removed ourselves from those “situationships”. At  that time, the Lord spoke to my heart and asked me, “ IF I WANTED A LIFE WITHOUT DINAH IN IT”? I yelled out, “NO”! Soon after, I proposed, and she has been Mrs. Wilson since August 7, 1994.
Fast forward to a few of our closest friends getting married around the same time we did, we
were all young, married, and under the Word Of God. A remarkable Woman of God, one of the
most influential people in our lives, saw that we young couples were having what we now know as “normal marital issues.” And she started what is now known as “Because I Promised.” Once a month, we would go from house to house. Inviting other couples to come as well. We would talk about what God says about marriage, sex, divorce, and a host of other issues.