PICK UP THE SIX Productions and Podcast shares stories about the men and women among us who go above-and-beyond to PICK UP THE SIX through SERVICE, PURPOSE and IMPACT. 

What is picking up the six?

In the military the “six” refers to behind you. “I’m going down range, watch my six.”

In a group of runners “picking up the six” means to turn around go get someone who is trailing behind.

The mentality of watching someone’s six, getting their back, or helping someone in need has motivated our efforts at Pick Up the Six Productions. We believe that to PICK UP THE SIX we must put others before ourselves. Will you PICK UP THE SIX with us? Get started by watching, listening, and sharing our stories today!

About Your Host: Brian Jodice

Brian Jodice is the creator of PICK UP THE SIX Productions. Brian is a former TV broadcaster with a passion for reaching people through storytelling, whether it be one person or millions. He’s a dedicated husband and father, and proud son to a retired United States Air Force Lt. General, who taught him the everlasting importance of one simple message: SERVICE BEFORE SELF. Brian believes everyone’s story should be heard, and we share them best when we connect people to something bigger than themselves.

Brian holds a degree in Electronic Media and Communications from Appalachian State University (Boone, NC) and lives in Apex, NC with his wife, Liz, and their two daughters. He enjoys spending time with his family, meeting new people and learning from them, bootcamp workouts with F3, and he is also the host of the F3 COT Podcast.
Hey guys, Brian Jodice here. I’m excited to share our PICK UP THE SIX stories with you. Together, let’s connect to something bigger than ourselves through SERVICE, PURPOSE, and IMPACT. Let’s be like the Good Shepherd of Matthew 18 and “leave the 99.”
Pick Up The Six Host Brian Jodice