Tripping Through Transformation

Introducing Guillaume Poirier (Gui) the genuine and authentic force behind “Tripping Through Transformation”

Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, Gui combines his lifetime experiences and insatiable drive to reach his goals to bring you insights, knowledge, perspective, support, and entertainment.

Gui is an avid believer in personal growth and he brings to the podcast a unique blend of introspection and exploration. “Tripping Through Transformation” isn’t just a show; it’s Guillaume’s invitation to journey alongside him, redefining change one episode at a time.

Reason for Creating The Show

Gui has expressed interest in public speaking, as well as being a voice and advocate for various causes. When he was given the chance to host a podcast on he noticed the potential to develop his oratory and questioning skills. 

He saw an opportunity to learn from his guests and the research he would conduct for the show. Gui envisioned a platform through which he could share my findings, failures, successes, and perspectives with individuals who are seeking motivation or advice.

About The Author: Gui Poirier

Gui is a native of Québec, Canada, who later made his way to Fort McMurray, Alberta, in 1994. Tragedy struck in 2016 when Gui’s family home was lost to wildfires, a devastating event that propelled him to eventually settle in the serene town of Creston, British Columbia. Professionally trained as a power engineer, Gui spent nearly a decade and a half in the oil sands. However, a twist of fate in 2020 led him to venture into the realms of entrepreneurship and personal development.

Life wasn’t always a smooth journey for Gui. The loss of his home, combined with a grueling two-year custody battle, the sudden end of an engagement, and crippling chronic disease plunged him into a deep depression. Through these adversities, he became familiar with the depths of both physical and emotional pain. Yet, it’s precisely these experiences that have fueled his mission: to be a beacon of hope for those grappling with their own struggles, ensuring they know they aren’t alone and that brighter days lie ahead. Through his podcast, Gui aims to be the voice for those suffering in silence, illuminating their path with empathy and understanding.

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