The Rubio Method is a show for men and women. It’s a place where you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. We talk through men’s health for all.

Rubio is learning along with everyone else listening to The Rubio Method and Monaghan is explaining what it is like to work through men’s health and both are exploring what it looks like to grow in men’s mental health. We will have a variety of guests who candidly share their experience with men’s health.

Who We Are.

A show from the eyes and experiences of Chris Rubio – the world wide authority on Long Snapping and Nick Monaghan – a man that has been through the battle of mental health and men’s health in general. Rubio, a tremendous communicator who has the uncanny ability of getting people to learn something without even realizing they are learning something. Both hosts are here to create a place where men can go to learn and grow in the area of men’s health.

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