Welcome to Veritas! 


First and foremost what does it even mean?  Veritas is latin for “truth”.   


The question is of course, which truth?  Well, hopefully your truth. 


It is my belief that there are two things that drive us to be better human beings.  Wonder, and courage.  Without wonder, the world isn’t beautiful, and without courage we’d never achieve the impossible. 


So that brings us to why create this show.  Resilience.  Meditation.  The inner exploration of our own minds.  Veritas is about shining a small flashlight in a cave, illuminating epiphanies as we come across them.  As we are ready for them. 


But if I tell you that you won’t believe me.  Or at best you’ll roll your eyes.  So instead, I ask you to join me on an adventure.  I want you join me as we journey to strange new words in search of secrets and answers.  I want you to battle dragons with me, search for treasure and solve impossible puzzles but most importantly I want you to enjoy the ride and I want you to feel powerful. 


But be warned fair traveler, this path is not for the faint at heart.  Of one thing I am certain…on this path, dragons be here. 

Meet the Host

Adam Kolozetti

As a child Adam Kolozetti dreamed of travelling the stars like Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise.  He never made it that far, but it did leave to him obtaining a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and his private pilot’s license.  Working as an engineer for large corporations Adam discovered that actually he was far better with people than he was with drawings, which led him to co-found ENTA Solutions, a company dedicated to animating business culture and driving business success. 

At the same time, Adam maintained the dedicated pursuit of Muay Thai and obtained his 3rd Degree Black Belt while University.  This eventually led to the study of Tai Chi and eventually a curiosity about the connection between body and mind.  This was partly fueled by a diagnosis of a failed hip joint requiring surgery at the age of 28, which he managed to put off for 8 years through dedicated physiotherapy and movement.   

One day during a meditation class, his teacher asked him to tell a story and that ignited a passion for writing and creating that Adam was unaware existed.  Since that day Adam has slowly built a universe of storytelling around the theme of resilience and growth.  Thus, the idea for using storytelling metaphor with meditation was born.  This is a not a new concept, but Adam imagined a gritty, visceral world that could bring people on an ongoing journey that would open the door to meditation in a unique way. 

Adam lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his wife Misty, 3 kids Evy, Teigan and Quinn and his crazy dog Neo. 

Personal Message

I believe that if we look at our world with a sense of wonder it will give us the courage we need to do great things.  Sometimes in life we need to go through terrible things, and sometimes we can’t make it through these times on our own.  I created Veritas because I thought if someone could escape to an imaginary world for a brief time and find courage, then maybe, just maybe they could take a piece of that back into their own life.  Maybe it could be enough to move the needle.  If I can do that for just one person, then all this will be worth it.