Chevy the Shotgun, Nasty the Sniper!

Join us on a journey beyond the football field. We are Chevy & Nasty, two former pro football players who have experienced the highs and lows of the game, as well as the triumphs and challenges of life. This is not your typical sports show. We’re here to share incredible stories that go beyond the scores and stats. It’s about the raw and authentic experiences that shape us, both on and off the field. 

About Your Hosts: Chevy & Nasty

Randy “Chevy” Chevrier is a former professional football player in the NFL & CFL. He is a city boy from Montreal, Canada who values people and authentic conversations. Chevy played with the Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets and with Barcelona Dragons in NFL Europe. He spent the rest of his career in Canada’s CFL with the Edmonton Eskimos (2 Seasons) and Calgary Stampeders (11 Seasons.) Chevy retired in 2016 having won 3 Grey Cups (2003, 2008, 2014) and winning the CFL’s Tom Pate Trophy for Man of the Year (2014.) He became a firefighter with the City of Calgary in 2017 and is currently serving as Community Safety Officer. 

Sheldon “Nasty” Napastuk is a former professional football player in the CFL who is a farm boy at heart with roots from Saskatchewan, Canada. After a collegiate football career that saw him suit up with the NCAA’s Iowa State Cyclones, Sheldon went on the spend 4 years with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and 3 seasons with the Calgary Stampeders. He quickly transitioned from football into real estate. After years of selling and leasing commercial real estate, Sheldon combined his passions for aviation, photography and real estate. Sheldon is currently the founder and CEO of WeDrone, a drone photography service specializing in Real Estate Photography.

Our goal is to ignite conversations that inspire, connect, and leave a lasting impact. We believe in the power of stories to bring people together, and we invite you to ride with us each episode. From locker room tales to personal victories, we'll take you behind the scenes of the sports world. We are excited to share our diverse lineup of guests -  sports legends, inspiring individuals, and everyday heroes. Together, we will delve into their journey's, learn from their struggles, and celebrate their triumphs.