Micah McCreary and Rich Frey "Fry Daddy

“Tru-X Outdoors” is a captivating showcase of hunting and fishing adventures, led by hosts Micah McCreary and Rich Frey “Fry Daddy,” along with special guest artists and TV celebrities. We humbly recognize that none of this would be possible without the grace of God.

About the Tru-X Team

Micah McCreary is an avid outdoorsman and thoroughly enjoys hunting and fishing. He is also recognized for his musical talent, having been a 3-time Alabama state harmonica player and making his debut playing harmonica at the Grand Ole Opry. Additionally, he is endorsed by TV celebrity Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Rich Frey, also known as “Fry Daddy,” is a dedicated fisherman and hunter who spends quality time fishing on the lake. He has recently moved up a level in the Major League Fishing organization showcasing his commitment to the sport.

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