AC Sports LIVE is an interactive sports talk podcast hosted by former pro football athlete Anthony Cobbs. The show takes a look at the week’s top stories and offers a platform for the viewer’s point of view.

About Your Host: Anthony Cobb

AC Sports LIVE has been in development for over 25 years. For years I wanted to do a sports talk show that was unique and different than your scripted talking heads sports show. I wanted to hear from the viewers. I feel it’s therapeutic to be heard if not seen. Furthermore, almost everyone has a take on most topics but don’t always have the platform to express what’s on their minds. So this show encourages that. Share your truth or forever hold your peace.

Why YOU Should Listen & Participate

AC Sports LIVE is an interactive sports talk podcast. Sports topics, takes, opinions, perspectives, POV from the host, guests and viewers online. It’s not a show that states the obvious. We like to focus on the story behind the score. With segments like Coach’s Corner (parental advice to other soccer dads), My 2 Cents (social media reactions) and Tender Love (soft and/or petty sports stories) we have a little something for everyone. Every week there’s an opportunity to speak your truth in the format of a comment or making an appearance on the show. This is the podcast for the historically voiceless to say what’s on their respective minds. From the host, “All topic takes are welcomed but you gotta say it with your chest.”

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December 12

Ohtani, Cowboys/Eagles 2, Lakers In-Season

Dodgers Get Ohtani: Chip or Bust? Cowboys Handle the Eagles: Birds Got Issues Lakers In-Season Chip: Are You Entertained?