Blue Line Heroes: Allyn Goodrich and the Positive Impact of Law Enforcement

In this compelling episode, “Blue Line Heroes,” we discuss the world of law enforcement with Allyn Goodrich, a Las Vegas SWAT officer. Allyn brings to light the often-unseen positive impact that law enforcement officers make every day. Join us as we explore the heroic deeds and the compassionate hearts behind the badge.

About Allyn Goodrich:

Allyn Goodrich has dedicated his life to law enforcement since 2006 and has become a poignant storyteller, capturing the essence of courage and service. His experience spans across various units such as patrol, homeland security, and the SWAT team. During his career, he has showcased his diverse skill sets and commitment to protecting the community. In our discussion, Allyn shares firsthand accounts that celebrate the spirit of those who stand on the front lines of safety.

Allyn T. Goodrich’s journey in law enforcement is marked by his roles in various high-stakes units, reflecting his versatile and impactful career. Beyond his professional achievements, Allyn’s passion for storytelling shines through as he gives a voice to the unsung heroes of America. Residing in Las Vegas with his family, Allyn is not only an advocate for safety and justice but also an avid outdoorsman who finds solace and inspiration in nature.

The Heart of the Story:

Allyn’s book, October Strong, is a fictionalized account that tenderly narrates the resilience and solidarity of the Las Vegas community following the October 1 tragedy, the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman in American history. Through his narrative, Allyn aims to honor the memory of the victims and highlight the unbreakable strength of those affected. For more details on Allyn’s inspiring work, visit:

Positive Impact of Law Enforcement:

In “Blue Line Heroes,” Allyn Goodrich reminds us of the goodness and bravery possessed by the majority law enforcement personnel across the nation. His stories are a testament to the positive impact these brave officers have on their communities. Allyn points out that often, they go beyond the call of duty to serve with compassion and integrity. Tune in to this episode for an enlightening conversation with Allyn Goodrich, a true embodiment of a hero in blue.

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