The Rubio Method – S1 46 – Guillaume Poirrer “Au Natural”

The Rubio Method is a light-hearted and funny show on mens’ health, led by Chris Rubio with co-host Nick Monaghan. You are going to love the stories that Rubio tells and the way in which he tells them, all while learning about being a more healthy overall man.  In today’s episode, “Au Natural”, our hosts discuss tips to eating healthy during the holidays, if Rubio misses Monaghan, his thoughts on Christmas lists, if ‘Her name is CHASTITY’ is a real person, dudes dying younger, the movie, The Matrix, the government, weddings, overcoming major adversity, all natural healing and much more.

Firstly, this show starts with Minute with Monaghan, where Monaghan gives great tips for men.

At this point Rubio answers three questions from listeners. Starting us off today we hear how Rubio feels about missing Monaghan on the show. Then our hosts share how they feel about making Christmas lists for the holiday. Finally, we wrap up this segment by learning if CHASTITY is real or AI.

Then for just a small moment we hear from Rubio’s favorite Irish Dr., Doc Conor Hogan, about an increase in the gap that men are dying sooner than women.

The guest on this episode is Guillaume Poirier. “Gui” is a father of two girls in British Columbia, a healer and the host of “Tripping Through Transformation” on the network.

The second segment covers the interview with Guillaume Poirier. We start by hearing if who would choose the red or blue pill from the movie, The Matrix. After that we hear everyone’s favorite part about the Thanksgiving holiday. Next we learn that Gui has never been to a wedding and our hosts plot to change this fact. Then we dive into the depth of the interview. Gui shares how he came through some difficult times, what “Tripping Through Transformation” is all about and much more.

Moving into the Bottom Line segment of today’s episode, “Au Natural”. The Bottom Line is all of the “stuff you should have learned without even realizing you learned it.”

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