S1E29 – Karlyn Fischer “Flipping The Switch”

The Rubio Method is a light-hearted and funny show on mens’ health, led by Chris Rubio with co-host Nick Monaghan. You are going to love the stories that Rubio tells and the way in which he tells them. In today’s episode, “Flipping The Switch”, our hosts discuss surviving seasonal depression, the saddest songs of your life, movies that make you cry, kids birthday cake, yoga, a place in Europe you probably haven’t hear of, travel tips, the mind, the nervous system and the body, and much. more.

Firstly, this show starts with Minute with Monaghan, where Monaghan gives great tips for men.

At this point our hosts answer three questions from listeners. Starting us off today we learn what songs our host would want played at their funerals. Then they share which movies will truly make them cry when watching. Finally, we wrap up this segment with our hosts sharing advice on mindset tips for starting a diet.

The guest on this show is Karlyn Fischer. Karlyn is a neural-optimization speaker and consultant passionate about helping her clients meet their full potential by focusing on connections of the mind, body, and nervous system. She’s a certified wellness code practitioner, certified yoga instructor, holds a bachelors of applied science and engineering, becoming a certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, has spoken to thousand of students and coached countless individuals in the methods of neuroplasticity, and she is the owner/president of Re-engineering your headspace.

The second segment covers the interview with Karlyn Fischer. We starting by hearing why yoga is so hard. Next we learn about the location of Karlyn while she works. After that she shares some travel tips from her many experiences. Then we dive into the depth of the interview. We learn about the many things Karlyn does, her life experiences, and much more.

Moving into the Bottom Line segment of today’s episode, “Flipping The Switch”. The Bottom Line is all of the “stuff you should have learned without even realizing you learned it.”