EP27 – Melissa Strother – “Let’s Kick it Into Gear”

The Rubio Method is a light-hearted and funny show on mens’ health, led by Chris Rubio with co-host Nick Monaghan. You are going to love the stories that Rubio tells and the way in which he tells them. In today’s episode, “Let’s Kick it Into Gear”, our hosts discuss breathing techniques to get some Zs, if Monaghan is safe on his hog, if they should become politicians, what age is best for Rubio and Monaghan, is Rudy a cheater, great books, great cheat meals, football kickers, lots and lots of motivation and much more.

Firstly, this show starts with Minute with Monaghan, where Monaghan gives great tips for men.

At this point our hosts answer three questions from listeners. Starting us off today we learn if Monaghan wears a helmet on his hog and Rubio shows us his new one. Then we learn if our hosts would want to be President and Vice-President. Finally, we wrap up this segment by learning what age our hosts think is their prime.

The guest on this episode is Melissa Strother. Melissa is a female football player playing on man’s team and is the author of the book “Play for Her”. She won a gold medal at the 2017 IFAF World Championship, she sang for the Pope in Rome, she is a college soccer All-American, 9x football All-Star kicker for the Rapid City Marshals, and she has multiple degrees for fitness training.

The second segment covers the interview with Melissa Strother. We first hear if Melissa thinks Rudy is a cheater in the final scene of the movie. Then she shares the best book she has ever read. After that we learn what her favorite cheat meal is given the opportunity. Then we dive into the depth of the interview. Melissa shares some insight on her upcoming book, her experiences as a female athlete on a football team, and much more.

Moving into the Bottom Line segment of today’s episode, “Let’s Kick it Into Gear”. The Bottom Line is all of the “stuff you should have learned without even realizing you learned it.”