Fighter: Defying The NHL Odds – The Aaron Volpatti Interview

This is one of the most inspirational comeback stories in professional sports.

Today’s guest on The Bear Essentials, Aaron Volpatti, was never supposed to play in the NHL. As an average, undersized youth hockey player, Aaron had to fight his way, literally, into competitive hockey. But in the early hours of April 20, 2005, he found himself in a very different fight–a fight for his life after a devastating burn injury.

His book, FIGHTER: Defying The NHL Odds is a riveting account of Aaron’s journey from the Vancouver General Hospital Burn Unit to the NHL, and his life after a career ending neck injury. It is a story filled with extreme adversity, personal triumph, grief, terror, and happiness.

Discover the true power of the human mind and what is possible through Aaron’s unique Visualization practice. A revelatory practice that can help us reframe adversity, instill a deep sense of trust in our journeys, and demystify the impossible.

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