The F3 Circle of Trust for March 8, S.2 Ep. 9

Friday Happy Hour! The boys gather for a special Friday afternoon connection bringing you the News of the F3 Nation fueled by the men of F3 Nation. Hello Kitty and Repeato shared a new message and call to action by the Nation’s Nan’tan where Dark Helmet discusses getting missional in everything we do, unlocking men to their highest potential, and leaving no sad clown behind. The boys are joined live by 88 talking this weekend’s GTE in Folsom, CA, by fellow GTE 22 alum Rousey in Grand Strand, and of course a ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ segment with Buddy the Elf who was mobile. Although you’ve likely come to the show for this week’s QWR or the education from Dr. Bones talking naps, the highlight of this week’s show is talking to Skipper and his 75 Hard journey and what it means to not forget to focus on the center of that concentrica when we’re so hyper-focused on accelerating ourselves for the betterment of everyone around us. Powerful stuff ….. and it was on a Peloton!