S1E10 – Interview with Jessica van der Hoek

We delve into the world of psychedelic-assisted therapy and its profound impact on mental health. Jessica van der Hoek, a trauma survivor and paramedic shares her personal journey of healing through psychedelics. Jessica opens up about her experiences with various psychedelics, including psilocybin, 5MeO-DMT, iboga, and more. She discusses the importance of mental preparation and self-awareness before embarking on a psychedelic journey, emphasizing the role of emotional intelligence in achieving lasting healing.

Jessica provides valuable insights into the potential of these medicines to catalyze profound healing and personal growth. She also shares her work in founding Prairie Sky Equine Therapy and Solstice Psychedelics, aiming to create safe spaces for trauma survivors and first responders in the mental health field.

If you’re curious about the therapeutic potential of psychedelics or seeking guidance on your healing journey, this episode offers invaluable wisdom and practical advice from someone who has walked the path of transformation firsthand.

Music by (IG:@realbalance686)Balance

Gui Poirier

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