S1E9 – Interview with Dr. Isabel & Chef Michael

In this episode, I embark on a journey of continuous learning and exploration. We dive into the world of health, mental well-being, and the crucial topic of sleep with our special guests, the power couple Dr. Isabelle and Chef Michael Hunsinger.

Dr. Isabelle, a trained conventional medical doctor, shares her transformative journey from traditional medicine to embracing functional medicine. Founders of the Healthy Brain Club, Doctor on a Mission, and hosts of the MD and Chef Team Show, they discuss their mission to promote a holistic approach to health.

They shed light on the alarming statistic that 70 million Americans suffer from sleep issues, prompting a deeper exploration into the downsides of relying on sleeping pills and the importance of addressing the root causes of sleep problems.

Discover the couple’s personal story of resilience and transformation, as Dr. Isabelle candidly shares her struggle with mental health, sleep deprivation, and the subsequent journey to recovery. Learn how they navigated the challenges of the mental health industry and emerged with valuable insights that are reshaping the way they approach brain health.

Chef Michael delves into the role of nutrition in brain health, emphasizing the significance of lifestyle choices in preventing cognitive decline. The duo unveils practical tips and a prescription for optimizing sleep hygiene, including the role of melatonin and the impact of light exposure on our circadian rhythm.

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