EP3 – I Literally Can’t, Man!

The Rubio Method is a show on men’s health led by Chris Rubio with co-host Nick Monaghan. The guest on today’s show is Jimmy Farris. Jimmy is a Super Bowl Champion, Executive Coach and author. His book, “Be a Pro” has just been released and is getting tremendous reviews! On today’s show, Chris Rubio and Nick Monaghan talk about Rubio’s outfit, bacon, jumping out of a plane, being a Super Bowl Champion and a winning mindset.

When first approached to begin The Rubio Method, producers asked Rubio how he wanted to present himself. In true Rubio response, he said it is his show so he wants to be nice and comfy. Hence, the sweatshirt seen today. Next, you can find out how our hosts like their bacon cooked and what condiments they prefer. Rubio and Monaghan then touch on a bit of advice for finding that sense of belonging once you move to a new place. Rubio claims to be surprisingly shy. That is until he warms up to new people and places. Before we hear from the guest, Rubio shares how he has jumped out of plane and the lessons he learned during that experience.

Guest, Jimmy Farris, mentions his preferred airplane seat, the ideal temperature, and the largest human being he has ever seen. Farris discuss with the hosts of The Rubio Method his target audience for his book, “Be a Pro”. He shares some of the stories that shaped his life experiences. One that might even be mistaken for a Montana legend. They discuss the balance in admitting that you might not know everything while still being confident in what you do know. Farris explains how he built a winning mindset as a small town kid that led him to the Super Bowl and walking away a champion.

To end today’s episode, Rubio and Monaghan share their main takeaways from phenomenal guest, Jimmy Farris.