EP2 – I’m Going Down!

The Rubio Method is a show on men’s health led by Chris Rubio with co-host Nick Monaghan.  The guest on this show is Brandon Huffman. Huffman is the National Recruiting Editor for 247Sports and the Executive Director of Avery Huffman DIPG Foundation. Today, Brandon discusses losing a young child to DIPG and how he overcame the mental anguish of it all through friends and family! To start us off, Rubio tells a story that coins the title “I’m Going Down!”

On today’s show they will discuss traps, massages, basset hounds, hogs, and tragic loss.

Guest star, Brandon Huffman, answers three quick hitter questions. Who he thinks is the greatest athlete of all time? Where is the best pizza he ever had? If you could move to any other place in Seattle, where would it be? Why? Huffman then explains his story outside of the world of sports. Then he talks our hosts through the thought processes he experienced throughout his daughter’s diagnosis. We learn how our guest struggled with men’s health throughout this journey. Yet, he still found a way to be their for his family.

Through it all, Brandon Huffman found a resource that assisted in his mental health during this time. He found a sounding board and a place to let it all out.

Above all his family has taken the opportunity to acknowledge his daughter every Tuesday. Now they share a photo and a story to acknowledge “Avery Tuesday”. They have also a foundation in her honor, Avery Huffman DIPG Foundation.

Huffman tells the life-changing story of how another mom made a world of difference. He also shares how this generous act contributed to the kindness expressed by many strangers.

Lastly, Brandon Huffman states that “It’s okay to be weak”, “It’s okay to not be okay” and how these acknowledgements are displays of strength. Brandon Huffman impresses our judges by his vulnerability.

To conclude, Rubio and Monaghan share their key takeaways from guest, Brandon Huffman.