EP4 – Shut Your Mouth When You Are Talking To Me

The Rubio Method is a show on men’s health led by Chris Rubio with co-host Nick Monaghan.  The guest on this show is Patrick Mannelly. Mannelly is a 16 year NFL vet for the Chicago Bears, host of Golf360 and co-host of The Chicago Bears Pre-Game show! Our guest discusses beer, his perfect water temperature, pronunciation, and the mental aspect included with playing football. Then hosts, Rubio and Monaghan, discuss much more on today’s episode, “Shut Your Mouth When You Are Talking To Me”.

On today’s show we learn why Rubio is a hot mess and if his claims to being shy are true. Monaghan and Rubio share advice on relationships when you have differences in beliefs. Next, we hear a story from Rubio’s experience at the Kentucky Derby. Including the proper attire included for the event.

After the introduction segment, we dive into what Patrick Mannelly has to tell us. Mannelly starts by sharing what it is like to see yourself get older on film and come to that mental realization in your athletic career. Also, he explains the affects different coaches can have on your playing and life experience. We are also lucky to hear Mannelly’s personal experience to prepare mentally to play in the Super Bowl. Then we learn how his golf game compares to his football game. To end this segment, we find out what 48 hours before a Monday Night Football game looks like for our guest.

Our hosts and guest take a minute to recognize The Patrick Mannelly Award and the organization behind it. This award highlights the top long snapper in college football. Also, this award is named after our guest due to the fact that he is highly considered the top long snapper in the history of the game.

Finishing with the bottom line segment, Rubio and Monaghan share their three main points that listeners should takeaway from this episode.