EP1 – Uncharted Land

The Rubio Method is a show on men’s health led by Chris Rubio with co-host Nick Monaghan. The guest on this show is Army Vet, Green Beret, College Athlete, and Powerlifter Nick Umble. Nick discusses his ongoing adventures through life, how he and other soldiers cope with coming back from service, and his newest endeavor of powerlifting to give hope to other middle-aged men! On today’s show, Chris Rubio and Nick Monaghan talk about hooves, wearing sandals on ice, and uncharted land.

The episode beings with a discussion on the pedicure experience. Next, Rubio shares a learning experience he encountered during his first winter in Idaho. Then the discussion continues as Rubio and Nick explore the uncharted land that is men’s mental health and men’s health.

Guest, Nick Umble, shares his experiences in the army. He compares the strong team aspect found in the army. Umble explains  the challenges he had with adjusting back to life after the military. He touches on his experience in  college athletics. We learn how these experiences have taught him that self-motivation is a key factor to success. Also he explains the impact support from home played its role in his life.  Umble continues by sharing coping strategies he and other soldiers have used to combat challenges in life after the military. He explains that to the surprise of many, the most difficult part of being in the military was coming home rather being deployed. After all of this, he tells the hosts of The Rubio Method how he has turned to powerlifting.

Nick Umble works to give hope to other middle-aged men. He blows away our hosts with his head-down mentality and humility. Co-host Nick Monaghan, shares one of his key takeaways which is that it is okay to not be okay.