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When we learn to take care of all the contributors that affect our brain health, we can have a joyful, calmer mind. There’s no shame in having a healthier brain! We specialize in brain health and how it affects cognitive decline, mental well-being, and physical health. Our work helps you prevent and reverse illness by combining our expertise as a Medical Doctor and a culinary nutrition pro (the way we see it, every doctor should have a nutritional chef). Most importantly, we guide you with compassion, love, fun, and no-holds-barred hope. So you can enjoy the moments that matter most – long into the future. We address the body as one cohesive unit and get to the root cause of disease, instead of treating isolated symptoms.  

Dr. Isabel MD & Chef Michael

For Dr. Isabel MD – As a Suicide survivor, I have experienced the darkest of times. By the grace of GOD, that plan was stopped, and I’ve recovered. Back then, I was told by the classic mental healthcare system, “You will be on antidepressants and sleeping tablets for the
rest of your life.” I knew there had to be a better way.

After 20 years as a classical medical doctor I realized that our medical system teaches dependency on medications (drugs). It doesn’t empower people to be the CEO of their own health. In 2013 I embarked on mastering the functional/integrative approach to health. Let’s get
to the root cause of what has brought you to this state of health you are in, and that’s what Doctoronamission is all about, as we know that health doesn’t start in the doctor’s office, it starts in the homes, businesses, and places of worship.

Dr. Isabel MD has been a frontline doctor who has seen over a ½ million people face to face over the past 35 years. Culinary Nutrition Expert Chef Michael – I offer practical everyday cooking skills and an exploration into the therapeutic properties of the foods we eat. My goal is to show you how the foods you eat, can be “Poison” or “Medicine” affecting your whole body systems. 

My mission has been brought on by seeing both of my parents die young from chronic disease. When I was 50, I realized I was on the same track as them, and had to make some lifestyle (life saving) changes. I didn’t want to bring that pain to my wife and daughters. Now at 66, I feel, look, and have a physiological age that are younger than when I was 50, and you can do it too! The MD and Chef Team are a husband and wife

Team, together for 43 years, on a Mission to prevent and reverse disease and give you Hope!

Because health care doesn’t start and end in the doctor’s office. It begins at home.