40, 50 and 60 year old men are a foundational pillar in our society. They are…

  • Business owners, CEOs, mid level leaders and elected officials.
  • Usually the most knowledgeable Frontline employees in a company.
  • Father’s and Grandfather’s
  • Mentors and role models
  • Run volunteer organizations
  • Little league coaches
  • Non profit board members and advisory board members
  • Often the pillar of their family. Provider, handyman and protector.

This may not be popular to say but as middle aged men go, so goes our society. NGBN is built for these men, to enrich their lives by equipping them, inspiring them and supporting them to be their best, so our society can be its best.

Our shows educate, entertain and create a sense of community. Each show has it’s own style, flavor and “lane”. They combine for a holistic offering for all aspects of a middle-aged man’s development and enrichment.

In short, NGBN.TV seeks to build a better world by building better middle-aged men!