**National Media Release**

NGBN-TV’s Ambitious Initiative to Train 100,000 Men in Suicide Prevention: “Equip Ourselves to Save a Life”

In an unprecedented effort to combat the rising rates of suicide among middle-aged men, NGBN-TV proudly announces its groundbreaking Suicide Awareness and Prevention program, “Equip Ourselves to Save a Life.”

This landmark initiative, taking place on April 6th from 9am-11am ET and again at 9am-11am PT, is set to train 100,000 men in a single day, offering the program live and free of charge across all NGBN-TV platforms, including Connected TV platforms and social media outlets.

Guiding this monumental event is Craig Hannum, Sergeant First Class US Army Retired, an acclaimed suicide prevention expert whose extensive experience and awards, such as the US Army Civilian of the Year and the Joseph P. Cribbins medal, underscore his profound impact on suicide prevention and mitigation. Hannum brings invaluable expertise and dedication to this cause.

The “Equip Ourselves to Save a Life” program is meticulously designed to address the specific challenges and factors contributing to the high rates of suicide among middle-aged men. Through Hannum’s expert leadership, the training will empower participants with critical knowledge and skills to identify warning signs, understand emotional triggers, and develop effective coping and intervention strategies.

NGBN-TV’s mission with this initiative is clear: to significantly reduce the incidence of suicide among middle-aged men by equipping them and those around them with the tools and understanding necessary to support themselves and others in crisis.
By leveraging its extensive platform and reach, NGBN-TV aims to foster a community of resilience, hope, and proactive intervention.

This ambitious program marks a significant milestone in suicide prevention, aligning with NGBN-TV’s commitment to making a tangible, life-saving impact.
We invite men across North America and beyond to join us on April 6th for this essential training.

Together, we can confront this crisis head-on and work towards a future where no one has to navigate the depths of despair alone.

For more information on “Equip Ourselves to Save a Life” and how you can be part of this historic training event, please visit NGBN.TV