EP8 – “Don’t Mind Us” with guest Dr. Conor Hogan

The Rubio Method is a light-hearted and funny show on men’s health led by Chris Rubio with co-host Nick Monaghan. Get ready for some funny and great stories that will let you learn something without even realizing you are learning! For today’s episode, “Don’t Mind Us”, our hosts introduce a new segment to The Rubio Method. A Minute With Monaghan, where co-host Nick Monaghan is allotted 60 seconds to share advice to listeners.

Today’s episode goes over first jobs, being alone, politics, the rona, jocks vs. nerds and much more. We start off by learning about our hosts first jobs. As well as the difficult aspects of recording The Rubio Method. Then we learn what topics Rubio and Monaghan claim to disagree upon.

The guest on this episode is Dr. Conor Hogan, acknowledged as one of the most influential thought-leaders in business and marketing, Dr. Conor integrates neuro-socio data and experiences by studying the mind and mental processes of individuals and organizations to facilitate higher performance.

Dr. Conor Hogan tackles tells us how he got into what he actually does and what types of people are the easiest and hardest to work with along with tips to working with both types of people. Also he covers what role music plays in your mental state and why people have become so stubborn over the last couple years. Then he finishes up talking about his new show “The Middle Opportunity” on NGBN.tv. Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D. is a world leader in performance and helps organizations and companies reach their desired level of success.

  • He has co-authored 4 books
  • He is also writing a book at present that concentrates on high-performance strategies
  • He has also guided professional musicians, elite professional sportspeople, and world record holders!

Ending today’s episode with the Bottom Line segment where Rubio and Monaghan share the three main points they expect you to learn from today’s episode.