EP12 – If You Ain’t First, Well, You Should Still Be First – Ben Smith

The Rubio Method is a light-hearted and funny show on mens’ health, led by Chris Rubio with co-host Nick Monaghan. You are going to love the stories that Rubio tells and the way in which he tells them. In today’s episode, “If You Ain’t First, Well, You Should Still Be First”, our hosts discuss some advice for men, website questions, pushing through difficulties, fruits, and much more.

Today’s episode kicks off with a tremendous Minute with Monaghan. Then it is followed up by website questions. Rubio and Monaghan share their others jobs outside of The Rubio Method. After that we hear more on the theme of food. What is our hosts favorite fruit? As well as Rubio’s long knowledge of fruit. At last we learn how Rubio grasps the ‘”fluffier” aspects of mental health.

The guest on this episode is Benjamin Smith. Ben is in charge of The Goliath Foundation. Ben was born in 1971 and adopted by white parents. Growing up he experienced violence, bullying and racial discrimination. Ben became a competitive boxer, body builder and wrestler. He has owned a gym, mentored the youth as a community care worker and now Ben works with men to move past their own pain. He is currently running The Goliath Foundation.

The second segment starts the interview with Ben Smith. He shares whether he would go to the future or the past if given a time machine. Who he would choose to get in a fight with given the chance. Lastly, what dessert he choose if he could pick only one for the rest of his life. Then we dive deeper into the interview. Our hosts and guest discuss perseverance, getting up after you have been knocked down, taking care of your own happiness, how negatives help to show you the positives, and what people really need to start getting to a healthy lifestyle!

Moving into the Bottom Line segment of, “If You Ain’t First, Well, You Should Still Be First”, where Rubio and Monaghan share the three main points they expect you to learn from today’s episode.