EP 11 – “Do Unto Others” with Terry Crosby

The Rubio Method is a light-hearted and funny show on men’s health, led by Chris Rubio with co-host Nick Monaghan. You are going to love the stories that Rubio tells and the way in which he tells them. Today’s episode, “Do Unto Others” brings on guest Terry Crosby. This shows covers everything happening for a reason, Monaghan’s scooter accident, handling pressure, books we have read and much more.

Firstly, this show starts with Minute with Monaghan, where Monaghan gives great tips for men.

Then we get into Rubio and Monaghan answering three questions for listeners. Monaghan starts this of answering a question about his scooter accident. As a result, this brings on the discussion if our hosts believe that everything happens for a reason. We learn how Rubio and Monaghan handle pressure. Then to end this segment, our hosts share the most recent books that they have read.

The guest on this episode is renaissance man, Terry Crosby. Terry talks about his completing an IronMan, what motivates him, how he handles setbacks, how suffering is actually a good thing and the world needs more compassion, perseverance and grace!

This segment starts by hearing Crosby’s dream concert. Then Rubio and Crosby bond over how they were brought up in a different, maybe “better”, era. After that we learn where Crosby’s real alliances lie. Wether it is with the Dodgers or the Lakers? Next we get into what motivates Crosby and how he keeps that motivation up. A large motivating factor for him, is doing whatever the activity is in spite of those who say you cannot or doubt you. To wrap up this interview we learn how Crosby helps adapt others’ mindset and what allows him to stay standing through many life experiences.

Moving into the Bottom Line segment of, “Do Unto Others”, where Rubio and Monaghan share the three main points they expect you to learn from today’s episode.