“Equip Ourselves to Save a Life”
100 Communities across North America in 18 Months!

In an unprecedented effort to combat the rising rates of suicide among middle-aged men, NGBN-TV launched a ground breaking Suicide Prevention program, “Equip Ourselves to Save a Life.”

NGBN-TV’s mission with this initiative is clear: to significantly reduce the incidence of suicide among middle-aged men by equipping them and those around them with the tools and understanding necessary to support themselves and others in crisis.

On April 6th of 2024 we trained a 100,000.  We can now bring the program to your community with the goal of equipping 100 communities by November of 2025!

Guiding this life saving effort is Craig Hannum, Sergeant First Class US Army Retired, an acclaimed award winning suicide prevention expert.

The “Equip Ourselves to Save a Life” program is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to identify warning signs, understand emotional triggers, and develop effective coping and intervention strategies.

If you need help right now? Please dial 988.
It is the new three-digit dialing code that routes callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

988 Suicide & Crisis Hotline

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