The P.R.I.Z.E. is Shawnnell “YourfavoritenoBStherapist” Batiste

This week the case study is Shawnnell Batiste. Who is Shawnnell?

Shawnnell is a Barrier Breaking, Master Level, No Bullshitting Licensed Professional Counselor providing Mental Health & Wellness services specific to the Black Community, the Indigenous, and any Person of Color. She also specializes in treatment for LGBTQIA+, community, Foster/Adoptive Families, and formerly incarcerated individuals, among other marginalized & disenfranchised communities. She offers Psychotherapy virtually to people of all ages in her native state of Louisiana, her resident state of Texas, as well as internationally. Shawnnell offers Mental Health and Wellness Life Coaching beyond the boundaries of her Licensed states. After serving over 20 years in several capacities in Social Service, Shawnnell formed Choosing Empowerment LLC, whose foundation rests on the POWER of CHOICE and the POWER of HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS. Shawnnell is highly respected as a Mental Health Advocate, Speaker, Author, and Leader in the Community, and has been described as honest, informative, straightforward, compassionate, non-judgmental, and understanding. She believes in accountability and empowers her clients and everyone around her to do the work needed to heal and become their best and highest versions of themselves.
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