The P.R.I.Z.E. is Earnest James

This week the case study is Earnest James. Who is Earnest?
Earnest James is a family man, father, and friend, with a heart for people. As a minister, mentor, podcaster, and speaker, Earnest has dedicated his life to inspiring and uplifting others. His mission is to help others deal, heal and fulfill. “Deal with your problems. Heal from your pain. Fulfill your purpose.” He spreads a message of hope and healing wherever he goes. He believes that, “We must heal ourselves. When we heal ourselves, we heal our families. Our families heal our communities. Our communities heal our world.” Earnest was raised in a two parent house hold, but recognized the effects of fatherlessness on his extended family and friends, who were being raised by single mothers. Earnest is determined heal families by helping fatherless mothers and daughters heal from their father wound with his Friend 2 Fatherless Daughters campaign and mentoring dads and sons with his M.A.N. U.P. (Men Activating Newly Untapped Potential) male mentoring program. Earnest also is an advocate for education. After a few failures early in life, Earnest quickly rebounded to complete grammar school, finish high school in three years, and became a college graduate. Earnest is now an entrepreneur, business owner, minister, and speaker. Earnest believes “If you must fail, fail fast and fail first. That way you can rebound and rebuild your life. Then help others do the same.” Earnest is an author, social media influencer, online course creator, and workshop instructor. Earnest has been a guest speaker on several podcasts, as well as hosting his own podcast, Deal to Heal with E. James Podcast. Earnest plans on sharing his message with as many people as will listen.
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