Men Surviving To Thriving Virtual 8-Week Program

The NGBN.TV contributors have come together to create a transformative program to help men thrive in these unprecedented times and to make 2023 the best year of your life so far. Specifically designed for men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s this program will provide meaningful information and tangible tools to help you not survive but thrive.

The 8 week program includes:

  • • 5 hour kick-off virtual conference: Jan 7th from 10am-3pm CT, to “ignite” the process. The NGBN.TV contributors, experts, life and transformation coaches and authors, combining to provide meaningful information and tangible tools. This virtual conference will kick off the 8 week journey and will include keynote addresses and breakout sessions.
    • Eight weekly reinforcement and motivational emails.
    • Four group coaching sessions (every two weeks) to support growth.
    • Learning portal that will house all the materials with access for six months

Speakers and sessions

Ian HillMore info coming soon

  1. The three MAIN THINGS Rubio will be covering…
    1. Explain the process of finding out who you truly are pushing that out to the world.
    2. Assist you in learning to deal with what works for you and how to handle the “haters”
    3. Talk to you about the very fine line between CONFIDENCE & COCKINESS

Ben Smith

  • 1. I will start by trying to explain the natural process of the body that have been developed through thousands of years of evolution, and how working with it rather than against it will allow people a much easier and enjoyable experience of health and fitness.
  • 2. I will explain why fads come and go but that building a common-sense foundation is always the best route to whatever your objective in fitness AND in life.
  • 3. I will explain the basic components of a balanced diet, calories in versus calories out, and how to determine the right mix for your personal tastes and lifestyle.
  • 4. I will explain the various components of fitness, how they can all be integrated into anyone’s lifestyle, and how to juggle results with enjoyment.
  • 5. I will highlight the power of the mind and the way in which, ultimately, the thoughts you have about your body and ability to achieve your objective is what will determine your level of success or failure.
  • 6. I will open the panel to questions and discussion.
  • 7. I will close by helping people to feel a sense of ease and joy about this very relevant aspect of every person’s life.

Chris BentleySeven step “program” or seven keys to dealing with and recovering from massive failure. Something to that effect.

  1. 1. “Be the Buffalo,” meaning run toward and through the storm, not away from it.
  2. 2. Extreme Ownership: how this helps your own mental health, others to forgive you more quickly, and the ability to learn from your mistakes and teach others.
  3. 3. Humbling yourself, but not punishing yourself, at least not too much.
  4. 4. Honest efforts at making amends, whatever that might be (monetary, relationship repair, etc).
  5. 5. Realizing you will NEVER please everyone or be forgiven by everyone affected.
  6. 6. Using the failure as an opportunity to rebuild a stronger better version of yourself… as Craig Stanland refers to it, the “Blank Canvas.”
  7. 7. Once you’ve rebuilt yourself, now you must live out your purpose and live by a code, a code you created, which should be a binding contract with yourself.

Chris FontanaConfidence is one of the most important attributes a man can have.  I don’t believe everything happens for a reason, but I do believe you have to make meaning of the things that happen to you.  I will take my life experiences of overcoming all my adversities to help instill a lifestyle to trust your instincts and keep going in life.

 I am someone who self-taught confidence and consistency, developed a powerful “why” to conquer severe panic attacks, depression, lose 100lbs, and got sober to become the best version of myself physically and mentally at the age of 43. I have the tools to help men be the best for the people that need them most.

Harvey LaguerreMore info coming soon

Charles WallaceEveryman – Falling Further – Rising Higher 

In this session I will tell my story and talk about my rock bottom, close to 100 pounds obese and having heart issues.  I will discuss how I had many chances to regain my health and how I chose to squander those chances. I tell how my “WHYs”, my family, were always there, but even they weren’t enough for me to make meaningful change. I will walk people through how it ultimately came down to figuring out my “WHY NOT” and how the “WHY NOT” was me.  I want men to walk away knowing that failure isn’t final and that we can recover. My goal will be to give men some practical tips from a guy just like them on how to overcome this adversity while dealing with life and all it has to throw at them.

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