The National Grassroots Broadcasting Network provides original content, showcases emerging artists, and broadcasts live events from Smaller Cities and Rural Communities coast to coast.  NGBN.TV and it’s affiliates identify, cultivate and showcase the creative talents and the inspiring stories from the communities we serve.

Together, we are a catalyst for increased creativity, a deeper sense of community, and greater community pride. Most of all we seek to give these Communities and the people who live in them… inspiration, hope, joy and most of all…A VOICE!

The words above are a clear vision and mission statement…we think about them, we let them roll around in our heads and hearts!

Think about this:

  • We now have 15 powerful platforms from which to broadcast video and audio.
  • We have robust technology that can literally reach 78% of the people in this Country at no cost to them.
  • We can reach them in their homes, on their TVs, on their phones, tablets, and computers! We can reach them, you and me…US, together… we can reach them!!!

So what will we do with this opportunity? How will we make the world we live in better?

Will we make creative and innovative programming or the same old garbage as everyone else? Will we inspire by doing things that others think are improbable, implausible, or seemingly impossible? Or the same tired sh*t that makes people more scared, more depressed, more angry and more afraid (and frankly brings them no real value)?

Bottom line…What will we do with the opportunity we have been given?

We are on the leading edge. We are on the skinny branches (way out on a limb). We are trying to do things no one has done.  We are well aware that people only remember 3 kinds of people…the first, the best, or the last!  We are trying to be the first!

“That is kind of over the top, don’t you think?” We don’t think so. When you are doing leading edge stuff you have a chance to make history and this is our chance!   Ok, maybe we won’t change the whole big bad world but we can change our corner of it!  Together, we can change the towns we serve, be a catalyst for improvement in the lives of our audiences, increase the bottom line of the businesses we help to promote, or even help the artists who use us to get their first break!

We invite you to join us as we work to change the world, that is what we are doing…we have a chance to change the world and we will!