New National Broadcasting Network Launches

A group of Entrepreneurs, Community Builders, Web Designers, Videographers and Content Creators have come together to launch the National Grassroots Broadcasting Network (NGBN), a national multi-channel streaming network.  NGBN will provide a media platform for  Communities of 75,000 or less across the United States and Canada.

“Our goal is to give the grassroots communities a voice, to build community connectiveness and community cohesion” said Co-founder Ian Hill. Hill went on to say “With the use of OTT technology we can leap over traditional broadcast and media infrastructure, providing every community with a voice!  We want to be a catalyst to building creative, engaged and active communities which will result in those communities thriving in the 21st century”

“NGBN will be available on Roku, AppleTV, AndriodTV and Amazon Fire, as well as our own mobile app, and of course on the world wide web” said NGBN Web Developer Jeff Dudley.

NGBN will be announcing it’s flagship community in June of 2019.