What's The Pundit's Pundit?

The original concept was simple…The Herd without hot takes. Pure honesty, right or wrong. It turned into something completely different…a news magazine concept on the edge of an ever changing sports world. Think 60 minutes or Outside The Lines topics in conversational or debate format. Past topics have dealt with the increased popularity in women’s sports, the innovations of modern day stadiums, NIL, mental health in athletes, and so much more. Hosted by Jacob Christner, and co-hosted by Denzel Snipes, Scott Morganroth, and George Eichorn, the show combines two different generations to talk about what we learned from the past, and how it can help in the future.

About Your Host: Jacob Christner

Simply put, A born and bred small town kid from Quincy, IL who dreamed big, and still does to this day.
Christner started with Sideline Sports during the pandemic in 2020 as a guest on the flagship show. Since then, he has started his own show(The Pundit’s Pundit),  as well as being a part of five other shows spread over Sideline Sports and South Florida Tribune. Along with podcasting, Christner’s hobbies are acting, writing, theatre, tennis, and reading.

The Pundit’s Pundit has been a supporter on men’s mental health in the world of sports. It’s crucial to highlight the contrasts between how these issues were handled in the past and how they are being addressed in 2023 and beyond. 

Athletes are encouraged to speak openly about their mental health challenges, and their is a growing awareness of the need for support and resources.