The F3 Circle of Trust for March 27, S.2 Ep. 12

Jam packed COT today with 3 High Impact Guests taken us through the full hour and then some. Kitty and Repeato get into the banter of their daily grinds and workout recap, then are quickly joined by F3 Sun Coast’s Pork Roll talking about his F3 journey and recent completion of the 4x4x48 challenge. We’re then joined by Craig Hannum, leader of the Equip to Save a Life Event taking place on April 6th. Craig talks about what to expect in the 2 hour training and how we’re going to equip those attending the training to spot the subtle clues and responses to help save a life. Learn more at COT also welcomes to the program Nan’tan of F3 Nation, Dark Helmet, to talk about what is F3 is truly focused on going forward and how we’re going train, teach, and equip men to unlock the leader they were destined to be and by default, pave the way for those around them to do the same. Dr. Bones is talking coffee again and Repeato has a thing for light houses. Come get you some!