The F3 Circle of Trust for February 29, S.2 Ep. 8

Happy Leap Day! Wait …. why is there an extra day? Hello Kitty and Repeato discuss leap year, F3 expansion in the beautiful Garden State, and provide some reflective words and review of the Change of Command ceremony last weekend in Carpex where Slaughter passed the flag to Dark Helmet. The boys also talk about a Yeti, GTEs, Dwight David Eisenhower, and get a most impressive update from Dr. Bones himself on the Hunt for Wellness talking butter, live and in the flesh! Check out to learn more about the ‘Equip Ourselves to Save a Life’ initiative taking place on April 6th where we’re going train 100,000 people in one day to learn about how you can equip yourself to help someone in a mental health crisis contemplating the worst. Incredible thanks to our friends at where you can save 15% at checkout using the code ‘COT’. Also, special thanks to our friends at where you can save 15% using the code ‘BRIANJ’ on a whole host of products specifically designed to increase your athletic performance.