The Bruce Lee Code – The Thomas Lee Interview

Today’s guest, Thomas Lee, is a journalist and author of “The Bruce Lee Code”.

About Thomas Lee:

Longtime business journalist who has written extensively about innovation and entrepreneurship for major daily newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle, the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, and the St. Louis Post Dispatch. In 2013, he won the Gerald M. Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism, the top honor for business journalists. Lee is the author of Rebuilding Empires and also served as editorial director and lead curator for the We Are Bruce Lee exhibit at the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Lead Curator/Editorial Director – We Are Bruce Lee Exhibit:

Responsible for selection and presentation of artifacts and written materials for the We Are Bruce Lee Exhibit.

Author – The Bruce Lee Code:

A powerful and insightful tribute to the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. The book delves deep into the secrets of Bruce Lee’s success, providing readers with a roadmap to follow as they look to achieve excellence in their own lives.

What sets “The Bruce Lee Code” apart from other books on Bruce Lee is its emphasis on his philosophy and mindset, rather than just his physical abilities. The author does an excellent job of distilling Lee’s teachings into easy-to-understand concepts, making it accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds.

The book is not just for martial artists, but for anyone who wants to improve themselves. It will help readers tap into their full potential. “The Bruce Lee Code” reminds us that living a successful and fulfilling life requires discipline, focus, and an unwavering commitment to personal growth.

Overall, “The Bruce Lee Code” is an inspiring and transformative read. It will leave you feeling motivated and empowered. Thomas Lee has done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of Bruce Lee’s teachings and presenting them in a way that is both informative and engaging. Highly recommended for anyone looking to unlock their true potential and achieve greatness in their life.

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