Get Out Of Your Head – The Brian Sachetta Interview

In this episode I speak with Brian Sachetta, author of the “Get Out of Your Head” book series, a collection of personal development works focused on helping readers overcome various forms of mental illness. The first entry in that series, “Get Out of Your Head: A Toolkit for Living with and Overcoming Anxiety,” was released in 2018. He also runs a website and blog of the same name.

Through his site, Brian offers written advice and coaching to clients looking to make strides in their battles with mental illness. His desire to help others with anxiety and depression grew out of his own experiences with the afflictions. Throughout his works, he recounts his past struggles with them due to not having the right information at his disposal. That’s why he’s so passionate about using his skills to influence the lives of others; he wants to help as many people as possible avoid such a fate.

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