Finding Your Latitude: Navigating Your Path with Joe Connor

In this enlightening episode with former British Army infantry officer, Joe Connor, we discuss the concept of finding your latitude. Join us as we take a deep dive into the essence of rediscovering your true path and purpose. Joe shares invaluable insights from his journey and the unique approach of his expeditionary coaching consultancy, 31° North, emphasizing the transformative power of disconnecting from the digital world to reconnect with oneself.

About Joe Connor:

Learn about Joe’s philosophy and the foundation of 31° North, where wilderness expeditions become a metaphor for life’s journey, stripping away the noise to focus on what truly matters.

Navigating Life’s Challenges:

Joe discusses strategies and experiences from his coaching, highlighting the importance of solitude and nature in finding clarity and direction.

The Impact of Digital Detox:

Explore the profound effects of unplugging from technology and how this practice is integral to Joe’s coaching methodology, fostering deeper self-awareness and purpose.

Joe’s Vision for the Future:

Discover Joe’s aspirations for his clients and the broader community, aiming to create a ripple effect of positive change and self-discovery.

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From Your Host:

“I am on a journey to be the best version of myself and want to ensure others don’t travel alone. Join me as I look to interview experts in areas of mindset, motivation and fitness to help guide us on our journeys.” ~Charles Wallace

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