Adventurer With A Purpose – The Jordan Wylie Interview

Today’s guest, Jordan Wylie, is a humanitarian and extreme adventurer with a purpose. Jordan has been using his adventures around the world to help raise money that is used to build schools for children impacted by some of the most horrific war zones our world has ever seen.

Meet Today’s Guest:

Jordan Wylie MBE is an award-winning adventurer, international bestselling author and one of the stars of Channel 4’s BAFTA nominated shows Hunted and Celebrity Hunted. He is also currently holding the position of the United Kingdom’s national ambassador for the Army Cadet Force. One of the nation’s largest youth organizations.

Military Service:

Having grown up on one of the largest council estates in the country in Blackpool, Lancashire and experiencing a few brushes with the law at an early age, unfortunately Jordan left school with no qualifications and a lot to learn about life. At 16 years old Jordan joined the British Army and served as a frontline soldier with The King’s Royal Hussars for over a decade, including on exercises around the world and operations in Iraq and Northern Ireland. Jordan specialized in close reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence and has represented the military at football across all levels. During Jordan’s service, he returned to education in his spare time and has achieved a foundation, bachelors (with honors) and master’s degree in the fields of maritime security, safety and risk management.

Maritime Security:

After leaving the British Army, Jordan entered the world of Maritime Security. He made headlines after armed Somali pirates boarded a ship that he was tasked with protecting. As the onboard security team leader, Jordan found himself in charge and forced to make critical decisions for the safety of his team and the ship’s crew. It was this period of his life and unique experiences that led Jordan to write “Citadel: The True Story of One Man’s War Against the Pirates of Somalia”, which became a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller (general paperbacks) on publication.

Adventurer / Humanitarian:

Since he was a young boy, Jordan has had a thirst for adventure and the great outdoors, but after experiencing a mental health breakdown in 2015 with a diagnosis of severe depression and chronic anxiety, he has since dedicated his life to using the power of purpose and the spirit of adventure to have a positive impact on the world and the lives of others, especially the next generation of young people.

Jordan is respected as a multi-discipline adventurer around the world and has set and broken several official world records, whilst raising over one million pounds in the process for charitable and good causes including delivering a school from concept to completion and opening on the Horn of Africa (Djibouti) for which he was awarded an MBE from King Charles III on behalf of the Foreign & Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO). Jordan is a very proud patron, trustee, ambassador and volunteer of several charities and lives by his own mantra of “Be The Difference That Makes A Difference”.

TV Personality:

Jordan is one of the stars of Channel 4’s BAFTA nominated shows Hunted and Celebrity Hunted.


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