Listen, Laugh, and Discuss...Nonsense

Welcome to Sports Or Gibberish Podcast! A place for Men to Listen and Laugh as we discuss Sports, Music, Movies and all kinds of nonsense. We talk about past and present Sports, and some of the weirdest topics you will here all week. We interview people from all walks of life from Football, Movies, Music, Comedy, and Wrestlers. So Kick off your shoes, sit back and Listen to 4 guy’s with 4 different options bring you Sports and lots of Gibberish. 

About Your Hosts

Sports or Gibberish Bud


Husband / Father / Grandfather / Podcaster

Loves Football (Browns) and Wrestling. Loves to Interview people from all walks of life from all over the world. 

Sports or Gibberish Joe


Husband / Father / Grandfather / Podcaster

He loves old School Baseball (Reds) and The Beatles. Joe loves talking old School Music, Baseball and Wrestling. 

Sports or Gibberish Josh


Dad/ Podcaster

He loves Movies, Comedy and Music. Josh loves to point out he is the youngest of the group. Josh can't go 1 episode without talking about food. 

Jacob "Wilson"

The Elder / Podcaster

He loves Football (Bengals) Music from the 50s and 60s and thinks The Monkees are better than The Beatles.