Sideline Sports is a bar talk style of sports show where guys talk about what’s happening in the world of sports. These five colorful personalities are like everyday guys while bringing their expertise to the show; Dave is a former NFL player, JB the voice of reason and the host, Jake the hot-head, Raphael the premiere odds maker in sports gambling and Jon the wildcard makes for a must watch show.

Meet the Team


J.B. Ellis: The Brooklyn Sports Guru.

A Brooklyn native, is known for his insightful interviews with MLB Hall of Fame players, top MLB draft picks, NFL stars, and more. He co-hosts “Sideline Sports,” hosts “Cubfidential,” and co-hosts “Both Sides of the Coin.” He’s also covered events like Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, bringing his laid-back charm to every conversation.


Jon Shearer: Sports Pro from Pennsylvania. 

Jon Shearer, founder of Perched Sports Talk, hails from Pennsylvania. He’s interviewed MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL stars, broadcasters, and more. As co-host of “Sideline Sports” and part of “The Sports Arena,” he even covered the recent Super Bowl in California, delivering engaging sports discussions.


Jake Malik: Sports Dynamo.

Hailing from New Jersey, Jake Malik is a die-hard fan of the New York Giants and New York Rangers. With a degree in Communications and Broadcast Journalism, he’s the hockey expert on “The Journey with the I’s” podcast and co-hosts “Sideline Sports Show” with J.B. and Jon. Jake’s dynamic commentary keeps viewers engaged throughout.

Dave DesRochers: Football Veteran and Community Leader

Dave DesRochers, a former Seattle Seahawk and President of NFLPA Orange County Chapter, is a true football veteran. He’s also the founder of The 1st and Goal Project, a community leader with multiple awards, and boasts a wide network of athletes across various sports. Dave is also the co-host of “Hawk Tawk.”

Dave earned a football scholarship at San Diego State University, played in the ’88 Hula Bowl, and had an NFL stint with the Seattle Seahawks. He later played two seasons in the World League of American Football.

Raphael Esparza: The Global Oddsmaker

Raphael Esparza, a standout at Doc’s Sports Service, is renowned as one of the best Global Oddsmakers in the industry. His expertise in sports betting transcends conventional boundaries. With over 13 years of experience as a sportsbook manager at four of the biggest sportsbooks on the Vegas Strip, Esparza’s knowledge is unparalleled. He’s your go-to for player prop odds, awards shows, wrestling, movies, music, and even political betting. Whether it’s sports or entertainment, Esparza brings a unique gambling twist to it all.

We are five guys that have all had our ups and downs and having a community where we can come together and talk about sports and be ourselves is a place to escape the stresses of the outside world. We try and take your focus off your daily worries and while creating our community we want to be able to share resources that help those that are struggling when they need it the most.