The show that provokes men to think differently.

This show helps men to let go of the bullshit that’s been holding them back from living their best lives. We’ll analyze the fabric of reality and look at different perspectives from which the viewer will be exhilarated to access, experience and maintain a significantly improved quality of life aligned with their deepest desires and true personality. The show provokes men to think differently, leading to profound epiphanies and educating them on how to specifically transform their lives once and for all.

We’ll address topics which keep showing up in most men’s daily lives; their careers, relationships and lifestyles; and help the always-supposed-to-appear-strong men become the genuinely confident, yet appropriately vulnerable and unapologetically authentic badass versions of themselves. The show viewer will gradually regain control over their emotions, thoughts and beliefs, which will prepare them for a re-designed future built on their terms. 

The show host – an Eastern European woman formerly trapped in a Post Soviet environment, now living her dream life at the wild beaches of Portugal – shares relatable stories and no-bullshit practical tools to equip men for a lifetime. The charming host inspires and ignites viewers with hope, empowerment and eagerness, effectively instilling new habits which bring positive results in their daily lives.

Watch No Bullshit for Badasses if you want a more exciting life for yourself and others. It’s time to move your ass!

"Your entire life changes when you learn how to use your mind instead of letting it use you. Your days as a puppet are now numbered. Get ready to thrive!"

About Your Host: Ruta

Ruta Stasiunaite has turned her life around within just a couple of years from a purposeless corporate junkie to a Transformational Mindset Coach, a Spiritual Business Mentor and a Life Lover. She’s worked with hundreds and thousands of men and women all over the world helping them reconnect with their true essence and re-create the lives they were meant to live.

After hitting her own rock bottom with frequent anxiety attacks and nightmares, a binge eating disorder, compulsive online shopping, Netflix and social media addictions, and other destructive behaviors to numb the inner pain, she’s bounced back with a mission to help others change for good at any age, in any circumstances.

Ruta’s approach is straight forward and easily applicable, skipping the symptom-rather-than-the-root-cause-focused nonsense that’s spread across the trillion dollar personal development industry. Due to her own trial and error and endless studies, she’s come to conclude what works and what doesn’t. Thus, creating a powerful method to master one’s mind and emotional stability, ultimately creating an abundant, fulfilling and awesome life with no bullshit.

Apart from the wild nature in Portugal living in a tiny village with just 100 inhabitants, Ruta loves spending time with her cute street cat Pumci, traveling in her 20 years young Golf, regularly joining yoga classes and various healing workshops, and proving that anyone can live exactly the way they desire no matter where they come from and who they used to be.

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